Ghostek, a manufacturer of cellular accessories, focuses on creating cell phone cases that cover all of the above. “We provide cases for the high-end phones,” said Vadim Abramov, senior distribution manager at Ghostek.   read more



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Breaking the Asia Supply Chain
Ordering spare parts for mobile devices comes with a fair share of hiccups. The international spare parts trade is...Read More
How Proper Reporting Can Help You Better Run Your Business
A POS system designed for cellular stores has built-in product and service categories and reports that respond to the...Read More
Smart Watch Buy-Backs
Smart-watch trade-in programs can be implemented to help consumers reduce the price of a new wireless phone. Meanwhile, your...Read More
Virtual And Augmented Reality Repair
By 2020, VR and AR will be a $150-billion-dollar industry. The main reason these two related technologies are seeing...Read More
Using Technology to Tackle Excess Wireless Inventory
When it comes to trade-in, returned, damaged and otherwise obsolete wireless inventory slated for the secondary market, it’s extremely...Read More
Wearables and Hearables
Wearables and Hearables are currently experiencing tepid growth due technological limitations – limited battery life and dependence on a physical (wires)...Read More

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Why Drone Repair is a Natural Fit for Your Cell Phone Business
Between technology upgrades, trade in programs, damaged devices and fickle buyer behavior, wireless dealers are left with millions of...Read More
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Support your American Values with Patriot Mobile, and give your customers an option with great value and great values......Read More
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Join the Cell Phone Repair Family
Modernizing the Wireless Parts Industry : Stepping up to the plate Leave it to, the new kid on the block, to modernize...Read More
CarbonKlean : SmartKlean
Introduces the world to space-age mobile cleaning technology! ...Read More
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Accessories Don't Make the Outfit, They Make the Phone!
Today, the smartphone has integrated into nearly every aspect of our modern lives. Whether we use them for calling,...Read More
Don't Let Your Phone Go Naked.
The wireless tech industry is an overcrowded battleground where established brands compete with disruptive upstarts for market dominance. That’s...Read More
Key Tactics to Profitably: Future-Proof Your Repair Business
the world’s biggest cellular parts supplier is on a missioAnalysts at, in partnership with Wireless Dealer Magazine, have...Read More
Challenges Ahead for the Wireless Repair Industry
Due to the developing world connecting to the internet, there are areas of concern for independent repair shop owners...Read More
Trade in or buy new?
Phone trade-in programs are used to help off-set the cost of putting your customer into a new phone or...Read More
Career Service Options
Carrier service options are not difficult to offer in a retail location. Consider BEST BUY, Target or other retailers...Read More
By 2025, The Vast Majority of The Developing World Will Become Connected.
When the world’s poor gain access to the web, we will see an astronomic rise in economic growth. A...Read More

Wireless Accessories


Cloud storage all at your ... wrist in a 1T drive.


Top Selling UME Desktop and UME Touch Device Making Content Transfer Easier Than Ever ...


Ditch the Purse. It's KLIX Klutch. Definitely One of Our Biggest Sellers of the Year ...

Texting Services & Mobile Applications


Protect your "hard drive" life with new hip cases

Ampridge Marketing

Microphone + Earphone Jack + App = Quality Videography


Protective cases for drivers and chargers

Car Wireless Products & Services

ETech Parts

Wholesale supply company for repair shop parts


Big News is the Acquisition of Crux and ScreenGuardz Won the CES Innovations Award ...

Prepaid & Pinless Products

Creative | Sound Baster

Amplifying sound from mobile bluetooth to home theatre systems

Tough Tested

Noise reduction earbuds designed specifically for the truck and travel channel.

Accessory Power

Introducing FlexSMART X5 and RMF Earbuds

Cellular Repair * Refurbished * Green Products


Wireless and landline services available through their rebranded company


Growing a Relationship with Stores — Building a Partnership for Life ...


Lease or Rent-to-own Small Electronic Devices ...

Importer / Exporter


The Wallet and Phone Carrying Pack ...


We've Expanded Our Inventory and Facilities into Dallas for Direct Shipping to the United States and Canada ...


Drop Shipment Direct From China to Your Office ...

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