2015 saw quite a few dramatic shifts in the mobile handset market, but none more so than with the shift of more high-quality, unlocked smartphones becoming available. While the benefits to consumers are pretty obvious - network freedom, device affordability, etc. - those same benefits extend to dealers as well.      read more

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Solutions for the complex  world of BYOD
Retailers, get introduced to the ultimate wireless service partner ...Read More
Big-League Hearables are Hitting a Home Run
You don't have to swing hard to hit a home run. If you got the timing it'll go.   ...Read More
Wireless Shout Out
Wireless Dealer Magazine is excited to announce these new products on the market today in our Wireless Shout Out! ...Read More
Revamping The Industry
With a natural eye for innovation and a passion for customer satisfaction ReVamp Electronics proves they are more than...Read More
Knowledge is Power
Mobile device and cellular repair training is a skill taught best by industry innovators. Mengtor MD trainers are not...Read More
Device Protection You Can Trust
Screen protection just got better. Long gone are the days of dealing with liquid solutions that could potentially damage...Read More
iDROID's Stellar Growth
iDROID USA, the rapidly growing smartphone company in the ISA, is progressing incredibly fast. It has outdone many other...Read More

Hot Topics

Need a Better Solution for your Wireless Inventory
Between technology upgrades, trade in programs, damaged devices and fickle buyer behavior, wireless dealers are left with millions of...Read More
 Meet ROK Mobile:
Not your average wireless company. ROK Mobile is the "ROL n Roll' genre of the US wireless industry, according...Read More
Powerstack Stackable Charging
Smartphones are the center of our universe, however, overindulging can render your phone useless when you run out of...Read More
Covered. Connected. Confident.
AmTrust Mobile Solutions is a suite of mobile device protection and support services that provide your consumer with the...Read More
Re-inventing Mobile Device Cases
  In 2010, a family-owned manufacturer of mobile device cases did the unthinkable. Within months of releasing its first products,...Read More
Knowledge is Power
Mobile device and cellular repair training is a skill taught best by industry innovators. Mengtor MD trainers are not...Read More
Creating a Smarter Workforce
For over 18 years, The Ear Phone Connection, Inc. has pioneered the development of cutting-edge two-way radio accessories. With successful...Read More

Featured Distributers & Wholesellers

Unlocked mobile phones at your fingertips
Experience a world of mobile freedom  ...Read More
Mengtor’s lofty goals for the cellular parts industry
the world’s biggest cellular parts supplier is on a mission ...Read More
This Little Puck Packs Power
The ChargeHub™ is a 7-port USB universal charging station that has the ability to charge up to 7 USB...Read More
Customize Your Customers's Wireless Device
Anchor Graphics Inc. one of the oldest and most renowned label companies in the wireless and telecommunications industry is...Read More
Never Been Seen
Global industry analysts report that the global makret for Smartphones is projected to reach 1.8 billion units by 2018 ...Read More
Have You Met The Sky Squadron?
SKY Devices is one of the fastest growing smartphone manufacturers in its category in North America. ...Read More
The Back Story
Reiko Wireless inc. is a privetly owned consumer electronics accessory company headquartered in New York that produces damage resistant...Read More

Wireless Accessories


Cloud storage all at your ... wrist in a 1T drive.


Top Selling UME Desktop and UME Touch Device Making Content Transfer Easier Than Ever ...


Ditch the Purse. It's KLIX Klutch. Definitely One of Our Biggest Sellers of the Year ...

Texting Services & Mobile Applications


Protect your "hard drive" life with new hip cases

Ampridge Marketing

Microphone + Earphone Jack + App = Quality Videography


Protective cases for drivers and chargers

Car Wireless Products & Services

ETech Parts

Wholesale supply company for repair shop parts


Big News is the Acquisition of Crux and ScreenGuardz Won the CES Innovations Award ...

Prepaid & Pinless Products

Creative | Sound Baster

Amplifying sound from mobile bluetooth to home theatre systems

Tough Tested

Noise reduction earbuds designed specifically for the truck and travel channel.

Accessory Power

Introducing FlexSMART X5 and RMF Earbuds

Cellular Repair * Refurbished * Green Products


Wireless and landline services available through their rebranded company


Growing a Relationship with Stores — Building a Partnership for Life ...


Lease or Rent-to-own Small Electronic Devices ...

Importer / Exporter


The Wallet and Phone Carrying Pack ...


We've Expanded Our Inventory and Facilities into Dallas for Direct Shipping to the United States and Canada ...


Drop Shipment Direct From China to Your Office ...

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