Protect your "hard drive" life with new hip cases
Amplifying sound from mobile bluetooth to home theatre systems
Microphone + Earphone Jack + App = Quality Videography
Protective cases for drivers and chargers
Quality ingredients making the finest cleaning cloth available
2X the sound volume with the "extended" feature
Noise reduction earbuds designed specifically for the truck and travel channel.
Control your phone directly from your computer with docking a new station
Air Collection featured at CES with high quality, low cost
New super thin cables and cards to charge your phone on the go!
Introducing FlexSMART X5 and RMF Earbuds
Wholesale supply company for repair shop parts
Launching the Fuel iON Ecosystem charging station at 99% efficiency rate
KitKat Tablet with the lowest wholesale price available
The Steelie vent mount works with any car phone and any car air vent
New brand at an affordable price with beautiful packaging
Wireless and landline services available through their rebranded company
New Base Case for tablets, and a remix of iPhone cases now in multi colors
Snap on cover for smart phones amplifying sound to the user!
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